I look forward to once again sharing the relaxing, renewing, and restoring touch of therapeutic massage. You can book your next appointment with me right here on this site (see the top right tab on this page).

For new parents or parents-to-be, keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest information on my next infant massage class. These tend to sell out, so I suggest you book your place as far in advance as possible.

Also, given the higher profile of my specialized focus on prenancy and infant massage, I sometimes get asked if I only massage mothers and babies. The answer is: no! I massage men and women, boy and girls, and yes, babies too, drawing on my experience, professional training, and intutition to adjust every treatment to best suit the needs of each individual who comes across my table.

Whatever your age, whatever your gender, if you are in need of some healing touch, look no further than Touch of Grace.

With thanks,

Saskatoon's Best Registered Massage Therapist

Grace E. Paterson

Registered Massage Therapist
Certified Prenatal Massage

      Grace has shared her healing gifts for over twenty years as a birth worker, and the last ten as a registered massage therapist, working in settings as diverse as Nepal, Ireland, and Abu Dhabi. She brought her practice to Saskatoon in 2009, and since then has built relationships with a loyal clientele who keep coming back for her combination of physical strength and 'cellular intution', as one regular describes it.  Born to missionary parents on a hippie commune in southern Spain, Grace grew up surrounded by fiercely engaged world citizens unwilling to accept life without passion or risk, and her own has had its share of both.

        An early encounter of miscarriage eventually inspired her to the calling of birth work, and Grace has to date attended over a thousand births, serving as a doula, 'mother to the mother'.  She continues to study massage, taking courses and always seeking new insights to improve her own practice. Passionate about social justice, she has served as a member of the US Peace Corps, and worked extensively with women at risk, including street workers in Saskatoon's inner city and widows in the Himalayas. As you have probably gathered, she counts world traveling among her treasured pastimes, along with swimming, biking, gardening, photography, and cats. Grace lives in Caswell Hill with her two children.

What Clients Say

Peter D~


I have seen Grace for many years now and she has worked on a persistent problem I have with my neck and back (mostly because I refuse to sit straight!). Grace always know the right amount of pressure to apply and always creates a warm and inviting space. Over the years, Grace has become a trusted confident and I always feel safe talking to her about anything under the sun. She is a wonderful massage therapist, but an even better person.

Grace is intuitive and provides a not only quality, effective massage, but is an excellent support person in her role as a doula. Grace is wonderful with children and has led an infant massage class in my community. My husband has recommended her massage services to several of his colleagues and the reviews are always stellar. We have no hesitation in encouraging people we care about to access her services.

Demelza T~

Words alone cannot tell you how highly in regard I hold Grace. She is one of the most loving and kind women I have ever met. I had the good fortune to meet Grace after having my first child (not the best of birth experiences). I was trying to fall pregnant with my second child and had been involved in a car accident. Grace was recommended to me by my chiropractor and I am so very happy that I used her services. Grace is fantastic at massage, she helped me through my whiplash injury and was so good at her job that I used her throughout my entire second pregnancy AND hired her to be my doula during my home water birth (as I was so determined to not have the same birthing experience again). Her gentle approach to her work made me feel relaxed and comfortable both during massage treatments and my delivery day.

Crissy Robson  ~

Tracy H~

Grace is a wonderful massage therapist. She made me feel comfortable with her gentle bed side manner and asked qualifying questions to give me the most effective treatment. She is a wealth of knowledge and has helped me tremendously. I appreciate that she is able to give exercises to do at home to help me in between sessions. I started seeing her years ago and would highly recommend her, she is someone I trust as she cares about you.
I went to see Grace for acupressure during my fourth pregnancy. She was wonderful! The massage was great, but it was her gentle spirit, listening ear and good advice that was invaluable. I would bring my babies to her any time!

Karen R~

      Grace has been my massage therapist and doula through two pregnancies and births. Her massages are always perfect and tailored to me and my needs. I tend to have complicated back and pelvic issues through my pregnancies and Grace has always been very up to the task of being my massage therapist through this.


       I have never written an online review of a healing practitioner before, but felt compelled to do so for Grace, who truly rocks and is someone I highly recommend to anyone who is open to receiving healing in her/his life. I have gone to see her in radically different moods, and found her able to roll with whatever energies I carry. Healing touch. Body intuition. Hard to put into words...let me just say I have a hard time articulating exactly what is going on in my body, yet Grace does not only listen to the words I speak and share, but also to the unspoken rhythms emanating from my skin and muscles and bone. I leave my treatments with Grace -- every time -- feeling physically improved, yet the real gift is the deeper sense of not just physical but also spiritual and emotional peace. Grace is a holistic healer and a real gem. Five stars.