Therapeutic Massage 

Deep Tissue Massage Touch of Grace

Deep Tissue  
30 mins  $50 / 45 mins  $65 / 60 mins  $75
90 mins  $105

Therapeutic massage is a general term describing any type of massage modality (or method) that helps relieve pain, reduce stress, and/or work on a specific problem—such as sciatica or depression. Deep tissue massage aids in breaking down scar tissue and improving blood circulation, and Grace specializes in this type of treatment.

Whether you need to address an acute problem, or are looking for ongoing care to reap therapeutic massage's neurlogical, lymphatic, and circulatory benefits, you stand to benefit from a Touch of Grace.
Pregnancy Massage Touch of Grace

Pregancy Massage 

Pre & Post Natal 

30 mins  $50 / 45 mins  $65 / 60 mins  $75
90 mins  $105

This treatment helps soothe all the discomforts associated with the changes you will likely undergo during pregnancy, as well as the stresses placed on a mother’s body after childbirth. Customized cushioning allows mom to lie face down in safety and comfort throughout your pregnancy, as well as afterwards (and yes, Grace can massage mothers while they are breastfeeding). Perfectly pampering for new moms and moms-to-be!

Infant Massage 

Infant Massage Touch of Grace

 $50 for each class / $65 private session
 for you, or you and your partner  

Grace has applied her healing hands to literally hundreds of babies, and will share her secrets of succcessful baby massage with you.  Classes focus on teaching massage techniques parents can give their baby at home, helping to improve sleeping patterns; aid with weight gain; address digestive issues; and generally improve parent-infant bonding.